Amanda Jones (via Facebook) – Where do we start? Not only is the location breathtaking and the accommodations beautiful and comfortable, but also the staff were so attentive and generous with their time and efforts. We did a two-night stay, and when we left, everyone felt like family. We had to bring our 4-year-old son last-minute, and they didn’t mind! In fact, several of the guides spent time guiding him around the camp, playing with him, and walking him down the road on horseback! It’s one of my son’s most formative experiences, and it will be in our hearts forever. I must also mention the daily horseback rides were fun and the views incredible! And the food / wine was 5-star – did not expect that – and the company of the camp chef and guide team made it 10-star! We can’t say enough about this experience. With how affordable it is and how convenient it is to get there, you’d be crazy not to go!

Rebecca A (Email) – We had a amazing time! What a special place-people, food-simply magical! 

Chris U (Email) – We had an excellent trip! We can’t say enough good things about the food, the company and the overall experience. 

Danni H (Email) – How are you? I hope you and yours are all well. 🙂 Thank you again for sharing your beautiful camp with us…what an amazing place, not only geographically and amenities-wise, but with a truly wonderful, kind, and knowledgeable staff. All of us (Teenage Monster included) agreed that it was, without a doubt, the best part of our entire vacation.